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Henna is Love
Henna is Joy
Henna is Design Creativity
Henna is Celebration
Henna is Tradition
Henna is Pleasure
Henna is a Global Culture
Commitment for luxe Quality


DIVAH stands for DivaHennaveda. It is a commitment to provide the best product with complete knowledge & assistance. We do not leave our consumers worrying & searching online for solutions to achieve desired henna color without harming the skin.

Henna or Lawsonia Inermis is of cosmetic and pharmaceutical importance. All parts of this plant (root, stem, leaf, flower pod and seeds) are of great medicinal value. The most important part of the plant being the leaves which contain a coloring compound known as Lawson (red orange dye molecule).


Henna possess the property of Ropan (healing) and it is Sita (cold) in nature. Applying Henna on the scalp removes excess oil and keeps the scalp dry due to it's Kashaya (astringent) and Ruksha (dry) properties which helps manage dandruff.

DivaHennaveda products are completely natural & of top quality. Our Henna products are of body art quality, being manufactured in Rajasthan, India. 'Body Art Quality Henna' means that the henna powder is the best quality since in this case the leaves are taken from the top of he plant with the most dye content. (PLEASE NOTE NOT EVERY HENNA POWDER OR HERB IS OF BODY ART QUALITY)

Our Henna products have red undertone as we use only premium mehndi. It is suitable if you have likeness for red tones and not yellow or neutral tones.

Why buy Essential Oils from us?

Some essential oils have properties which can increase the staining potential of henna. Such oils function as a solvent in the henna paste and help the dye molecule to be more available to attach to keratin in skin due to presence of high levels of monoterpene alcohols, which improve the color and duration of henna.


However, choosing essential oils isn't easy. It is very important to choose essential oils very carefully as some can be irritating or even toxic. For example, Eucalyptus Globulus is a great henna oil and non-irritating one, but its other varieties are not. In a similar fashion, Lavender oil 40/42 is best but same from France (Fine lavender) is very low in monoterpene alcohols and therefore would not provide good results.

In order to lessen the hassle for the right essential oils for your henna paste, DivaHennaveda provides only the most effective, nontoxic, non-irritating essential oils which enhance the stain of henna.

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